The story so far

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Our founder Alex met isolated older neighbour Fred and took him for his first haircut in three months, inspiring the idea for The Cares Family. Watch the video >>



North London Cares opened spontaneously in August 2011 amid rioting by mobilising young people to assist with the cleanup. Within hours 5,000 people had visited our website and Mayor of London Boris Johnson had tweeted to thank us for our role in the post-riots narrative.



Our sibling charity South London Cares opened in Southwark and Lambeth. South London Cares had the same model as North London Cares, mobilising younger volunteers to connect with their older neighbours below the river in Southwark and Lambeth, but a different community. Check out Sylvia telling us all about her local area of Brixton...



In 2011, North London Cares was one charity working across two boroughs in north London. By 2017, we had grown to three charities. South London Cares had been operating for three years, and Manchester Cares had just thrown open its doors and invited older and younger Mancunians to spend time with one another. 

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What started as a ripple was becoming a wave of connection gathering pace across the country. In 2018, we opened Liverpool Cares, expanding The Cares Family to another great city changing fast. Watch Liverpool Cares' video >>



And in 2019, East London Cares joined the family – to tackle isolation and loneliness and connect younger and older neighbours across Tower Hamlets and Hackney. That’s how The Cares Family is a family in more than a name – it’s a place for people to belong, and to feel ‘part of something bigger'.

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2020 changed how we interact with our communities more rapidly than ever before. The onset of the pandemic and ensuing social distancing and isolation brought new challenges to our model. But, just as our community stepped up to help one another out nearly a decade before in the wake of the riots, neighbours came to each other's aid again to help each other stay connected – online, on the phone and in the community, albeit not face-to-face.

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Our original sibling charity North London Cares celebrated its 10th birthday! 

We may have been here for a decade, but we’re far from done. As we look forward to the next decade, we're proud to call this corner of London home. Thank you, east London, for showing there is power in community.