The Team

Our core team work day-to-day to devise and deliver the projects and partnerships that connect people and build communities in east London. We are based in Bethnal Green, right in the heart of our target area. To contact us to get involved, or if you have a query, email [email protected] or contact us using the form linked below.

Roxi Rustem - Head of Programmes

Roxi leads the team at East London Cares. She was born and raised in Tower Hamlets, and previously led the volunteer and outreach programme at North London Cares. 

If you have any questions or queries about East London Cares, get in touch with Roxi.

Anna Howe - Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator

Anna is the Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator at East London Cares, meeting new older and younger neighbours across Hackney and Tower Hamlets and connecting them to our network and wider community. She also works closely with our many community partners to be able to meet neighbours and to better connect our network to what's going on locally. Anna lives and studied in east London, and was introduced to East London Cares through volunteering at social clubs.

Priyanka Chauhan - Programme Coordinator (Social Clubs)

Priyanka is the Social Clubs Coordinator at East London Cares, designing and delivering free events for older and younger neighbours across East London to strengthen local community connections, conversations and enjoyment. Priyanka is also an inclusive dancer and has previously worked with Jacksons Lane Theatre and Union Chapel on their creative community outreach.

Sinead Wilkinson - Programme Coordinator (Love Your Neighbour)

Sinead is the Love Your Neighbour Programme Coordinator, connecting older and younger neighbours through one-to-one friendship in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Previously, Sinead worked as an Outreach Coordinator across our sibling branches, North London Cares and South London Cares, and volunteered at Manchester Cares on the Love Your Neighbour Programme.

Rob Paterson - Development Coordinator

Rob oversees fundraising for East London Cares, supporting our amazing community fundraisers, as well as running events and managing relationships with trusts and corporates. Rob was previously the development coordinator at Manchester Cares, and prior to that he managed relationships with schools and supporters for The Tutor Trust. 

Contact Rob if you'd like to fundraise for East London Cares, make a donation or nominate us for your workplace's charity of the year. 

East London Cares is part of The Cares Family, with sibling charities in London, Manchester and Liverpool. We share a CEO, Managing Director, senior leadership team and trustees.